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2023 Northwestern Mutual IB Sales Competition

The 2023 Northwestern Mutual IB Sales Competition took place on Friday, April 21st, from 3:30-7:30 pm.

The competition was held at the College of Business with Northwestern Mutual, IB Students, IB Digital Squad, IB Alumni, and IB Faculty in attendance.

12 teams were selected as semifinalists after 54 teams presented their Sales Plan for their firm to IB Alumni as their final project of the Integrated Marketing and Sales course taught by Dr. Carole Ann Creque and Dr. Carlos Valdez.

12 IB Alumni act as IB Shark Judges for the semi-finals round to select the four finalists.

The IB Alumni Sharks are:

Danielle Torres, Jessica Baker, William Walton, Greg DuBois, Tomas Daza, Natalia Machado, Jeffrey O’Connor, Alexis Belcastro, Yesenia Cardenas, Nick Crane, Kyle Zetterlund, Lindsay Owens, Orlando Vazquez, Jess Gelband, and Saxsen Norton.

Northwestern Mutual Representatives act as IB Shark Judges for the final round.

The IB Sharks are:

Thomas Goes, Keith Reyes, Felipe Navarrete, Nelly Liranzo, Nick Mazzurco and Madison May.

First place: TB TONIC

Congratulations to Joshua Carlton, Gabriel Contreras, Kaiser Creek, Juan Delgado and Raul Rodriguez!

Second place: World Media Management

Congratulations to Yousef Alani, Ralph Balderamos and Olo Bart-Williams!

Third place: Safe Seas

Congratulations to Ross Lowthorp, Abigail Harris, Antonio Marquez, Quinn Mott, Francesca Ramirez and Taylor Roldos!

Fourth place: Eco Consulting

Congratulations to Cole McKeogh, Thiago Schneider, Ava Settle and Sarah Press!

Thank you to everyone who was involved in this year’s Northwestern Mutual IB Sales competition!

..and like always Go IB!