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Fall 2022 IB Excellence Award Nominees!


Aidan McCall

Juan Ballesteros


Sergio Moises

Ariana Chandler

Clavin Carrero

Critical Thinking

Alyssa Pitre

Jose Suarez Colon

Samantha Mooney

Annetha Valentine


Stephen Borkowski

Zeffrey Nikollaj

Jared Schachter

Oral Communication

Jahmir (Jay) Russell

Osaya Rodriguez

Samuel Sansone

Jacob Gancedo

Written Communication

Michelle Margolin

Julio Pena

Michael Mitchell

Brandon Caradonna


Daniel Garret

Stephen O’Connor

Rachel McCormick

Hailey Duke


Alexandra Claure

Yinglin Chen

Tanner Watters

Caelan Hennessy

In the Integrated Business (IB) program, students work closely with each other in all eight courses required in the major, which gives them firsthand knowledge of their IB colleagues’ skills.  The Integrated Business Excellence Awards allow IB students to recognize their exceptional colleagues in applying skills and learning integral to the mission of the Integrated Business program.