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Integrated Marketing and Sales

Team 1 Purple Points

I. Course Description

Students will demonstrate the ability to operate as a sales and marketing coordinator by analyzing and evaluating marketing and sales business scenarios to conceptualize an integrated marketing and sales plan with creative strategies and innovative tactics face-to-face and online in the Business-to-Consumers (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) markets.


II. Course Overview

In this course you will use many of the skills and knowledge-acquired throughout your business courses especially in your Integrated Business program. The main skills that we will reinforce is critical thinking and creative and innovative thinking in order to solve problems in different marketing and sales scenarios. You will conduct individual and team work. You will read about the newest concepts and trends in marketing and sales. You will solve many challenges like the case challenges and the guest speaker challenges. Also you will practice sales writing. With your team you will act, as a marketing and sales consulting firm and you will work with a real client in order to develop integrated marketing sales plan to increase sales. But most important we will learn by having fun. Marketing and sales are very dynamic topics and the best way to learn it is in the same way, in a dynamic, entertaining and fun way. However this is not possible without your help. To create a fun-learning environment, I will count on your learning attitude and motivation as an Integrated Business student. To make this course your best business experience at UCF, I will need you to be 100% present in the class and willing to learn by having fun.


III. Course Objectives

    • Recognize the relationship between marketing and sales.
    • Recognize the opportunities and benefits of the marketing and sales field and the contribution to business success.
    • Identify how the consumer and the companies purchase products.
    • Identify the marketing and sales professional skills of a highly effective marketing and sales coordinator.
    • Demonstrate critical thinking skills by conceptualizing different marketing and sales strategies in different business scenarios in the B2C and B2B markets, in the face-to-face and online contexts.
    • Demonstrate creative and innovative thinking by developing and implementing marketing and sales tactics in different business scenarios in the B2C and B2B markets, in the face-to-face and online contexts.
    • Demonstrate the ability to develop an integrated marketing and sales plan for a real small business.
    • Demonstrate the ability to effectively identify, evaluate, recommend and use technology for marketing and sales solutions.
    • Demonstrate effective written sales communication skills.
    • Demonstrate effective sales presentation skills.
    • Demonstrate effective teamwork by collaborating in group settings to solve selected marketing and sales challenges.
    • Demonstrate professionalism and integrity by showing up to class, be respectful, make ethical choices and adhere to course, program, college and university policies.

4 ims


Session 1: Introduction to the Course

Session 2: Introduction to Integrated Marketing and Sales

Session 3: Marketing research and competitor analysis

Session 4: The Target Market and the Customer Journey

Session 5: Positioning Strategy and Brand communication



Session 6: The Sales Process

Session 7: Before the Sale (Prospecting, Qualifying and Approach)

Session 8: Guest Speaker Challenge 1

Session 9: During the Sale (Presentation, Handling Objections and Closing)

Session 10: After the Sales (Follow-up)



Session 11: The Digital Marketing plan and the Content creation strategy

Session 12: Your Website SEO and SEM

Session 13: Social Media Channels

Session 14: Other online communication tactics

Session 15: Guest Speaker Challenge 2

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