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2021 IB Sales Competition

Semifinalists of the IB Sales Competition

The IB Sales Competition took place on Friday, April 23rd, from 4 to 7 pm virtually on Zoom with IB Students, IB Alumni, IB Faculty, College Leadership, IB Advisory Board Members, and Senior Sales Executives.

Twelve teams were selected as semifinalists after 55 teams presented their Sales Plan for their consulting firm to IB Alumni as their final project of the Integrated Marketing and Sales course taught by Dr. Carole Ann Creque and Dr. Carlos Valdez.

IB Alumni/IB Sharks/Judges Semi-final round

Eleven IB Alumni act as IB Shark Judges for the semi-finals round to select the four finalists. The IB Sharks are:
Michelle Morbioni Moncayo, Service Delivery Analyst III at KPMG.
Jasmine Evans, Enrollment Counselor at Wiley Education Services.
Kidada Brown, Marketing Strategist.
Lindsay Owens, Marketing Coordinator.
Andrew Calmet, Implementation Analyst I at Paylocity.
Michenzy Kratochvil, Engineering Project Specialist (EPS) Budget Coordinator at Apple.
Greg DuBois, KPMG Advisory.
Mike Doyle, Account Executive at Procter & Gamble.
Kenny Mazingo, Aircraft Sales Associate at Banyan Air Service.
Ryan Samaroo, Project Manager at PlanSource.
Stephen Culler, Inside Sales at Hoffman & Hoffman, Inc.

IB Sharks/Judges/Final round

Senior Sales Professionals act as the IB Shark Judges for the final round. The IB Sharks are:
Adam Streem, Group Rental Manager at Enterprise Rent-A-Car.
Felix O. Garcia Ramos, Regional Sales & Service Manager at GEICO.
Victor Almeda, Partner | Professional Clothier | Personal Wardrobe Consultant at Tom James Company.

Finalists of the IB Sales Competition
Fourth place: DEKT Consulting

Congratulations to Dulaney, Karina, Erika, Kali, and Troy! 

Third place: Knightros Consulting LLC

Congratulations to Faith, Willem, Tomas, Luis, and Michael!

Second place: Knightro Consulting

Congratulations to Nicole, Elijah, and Peter!

First place: Snowfall Food and Beverage Consulting

Congratulations Bivil!!!

And like always, GO IB!!!