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MSM-IB Testimonials (Alumni)

Jessica Gelband: “There were so many beneficial things I learned during the MSM Integrated Business program, but the most was learning how to work in a team effectively. Group work and teamwork are rarely easy, so learning how to navigate certain obstacles, such as avoiding group thinking and social loafing, giving constructive feedback, motivating group members, and using effective communication techniques, was beneficial.”

Name: Jessica Gelband
Title: Medical Education Program Coordinator
Company: Ogilvy Health
Bachelor’s Degree: Psychology
MSM-IB Class 2019-2020

Danielle Levien: “In my current role, I create communication strategies that help drive our business goals while maintaining our brand standards and reputation. The MSM-IM program was instrumental in providing me a well-rounded knowledge in key business areas that allows me to understand and meet my partner’s needs – whether they work in human resources, operations, marketing, or sales.”

Name: Danielle Levien
Title: Communications Manager
Company: Walt Disney World Resort
Bachelor’s Degree: International Relations
MSM-IB Class 2020-2021

Emily Wlash: “The MSM-IB Program was pivotal in my career success. I developed a wide range of skills that allowed me to launch into the HR world with an amazing company. The flipped classroom design and small cohort allowed for a deeper understanding of topics. I am forever grateful for the opportunities the MSM-IB program granted me!”

Name: Emily Walsh
Title: Talent Acquisition Business Partner-Campus Recruiting
Company: ADP
Bachelor’s Degree: Psychology
MSM-IB Class 2020-2021

Lucas Leon: “My experience in the MSM IB program was an overwhelmingly positive one! The instructors were extremely knowledgeable, and the coursework was almost always hands-on and interactive. During my time as a student, I became a better public speaker, analyst, and (perhaps most importantly) interviewer! From day one, the goal is to get you career ready. I can confidently say that the Integrated Business program multiplied the value of my undergraduate degree and positioned me for success.”

Name: Lucas Leon
Title: Solution Analyst
Company: Deloitte
Bachelor’s Degree: Political Science
MSM-IB Class 2020-2021

Nalini Harripersad: “The IB MSM allowed me to polish my soft skills, specifically communication, teamwork, networking, and consistency. It equipped me with the technical and practical knowledge required to succeed in any business environment.”

Name: Nalini Harripersad
Title: Consulting Analyst
Company: Deloitte
Bachelor’s Degree: Sport and Exercise Science-Human Performance
MSM-IB Class 2019-2020

Dima Taher: I am extremely grateful for this master’s program as it has greatly impacted my professional and personal life. It introduced me to many opportunities and possibilities available in the business world and guided me to finding my passion in consulting. Because of the skills I learned during this program I was able to pursue my career in consulting at Deloitte, a leader in the professional services industry in the world. I was able to integrate and leverage both my degrees, B.A in Political Science and MSM in Integrated Business, in my career as a Strategy Consultant serving clients from The Government and Public Services Sector and making an impact that matters.

Name: Dima Taher
Title: Strategy & Analytics Solution Analyst
Company: Deloitte

Bachelor’s Degree: Political Science
MSM-IB Class 2020-2021

Saxsen Norton: The MSM-IB program has been an integral part of my professional career. The hands-on experience and knowledge I have gained throughout the courses have given me the necessary skills I use everyday in my professional life. I would recommend this program to anyone, because it truly encompasses all aspects of business. I am thrilled with the success that this program has had and will continue to have. GO IB!

Name: Saxsen Norton
Title: Account Manager
Company: Tews Company

Bachelor’s Degree: Public Affairs and Commerce
MSM-IB Class 2019-2020

Drew Brasiel: “The experiences of the Master of Science in Management in Integrated Business program have enabled me to find early career success in the Financial Services industry as a mortgage banker and now in business-to-business sales. As a previous Health Sciences graduate, I never anticipated pursuing a career in business, however, this program allowed me to discover a great interest in finance and sales. This program delivers significant value in the form of business acumen and communication skills but the most valuable asset of all is the exceptional faculty. The relationships I have formed and the wisdom I have obtained from the likes of Dr. James Brown, Dr. Christopher Leo, and Dr. Carlos Valdez, will provide me with a lifetime of value. As always, go Knights and go IB!”

Name: Drew Brasiel
Title: : Account Representative | E-commerce & B2B Payment Processing |
Company: TouchSuite
Bachelor’s Degree: Health Sciences
MSM-IB Class 2021-2022

Emily Allen: The MSM-IB program enabled me with all the tools necessary to thrive in today’s business world. 
The multifaceted structure of the MSM-IB program is realistic to the diverse and fast paced culture of major consulting organizations. 
The MSM-IB program has given me the knowledge and confidence to talk the talk and walk the walk in professional business settings.
The variety of courses in the MSM-IB program allowed me to be competitive and agile when entering the workforce upon graduation. My experience in the program allows me to stand out. I am continually grateful to be a proud alum of the University of Central Florida’ MSM-IB program.

Name: Emily Allen
Title: Senior Consultant
Company: Deloitte

Bachelor’s Degree: Hospitality Management
MSM-IB Class 2020-2021

Caroline (Carly) Rasmussen: The MSM-IB program allowed me to develop many essential skills for the professional arena. Along with building a foundation of all facets of business, I was able to expand both my network and awareness of potential careers. When I began in the MSM-IB program, I wanted to continue to progress through a management track in hospitality operations. However, through the program, I found I had a passion for Marketing & Sales and decided to pursue an internship with Universal Orlando in their Segment Strategy department. The internship allowed me to use many hard and soft skills taught in the program, such as public speaking, Excel, and project management. I am immensely grateful I was able to go through this program and that it gave me a new career path. Above all, the lasting relationships I made are what I consider the most valuable part of the program. The MSM-IB professors continued to support me past graduation through the interview process, a testament to how much they care about their students. I also found forever friends with cohort members who continue to push me to be the best version of myself.

Name: Caroline (Carly) Rasmussen
Title: Marketing Representative 
Company: Universal Parks & Resorts Vacations

Bachelor’s Degree: Hospitality Management
MSM-IB Class 2021-2022

Giorgi Beruashvili: “One of Amazon’s Leadership Principles states – “Hire and Develop the Best,” which means they not only develop but hire no other than the best candidates world-wide. MSM-IB program not only prepared me to get to the best but also gave me the right resources to stand out among those best with knowledge and confidence.”

Giorgi Beruashvili
Title: Operations Manager III
Company: Amazon
Industry: North American Customer Fulfillment (NACF)

Bachelor’s Degree: International and Global Studies
MSM-IB Class 2020-21

Milica Dragoljevic: As I was completing my bachelor’s at UCF, I knew that I would want to continue my education into a Master’s degree at the same university, and the MSM-IB program was the exact route I am blessed to have taken. It provided me with not only a greater understanding of multiple areas of the business world but also a greater understanding of the importance of accountability and leadership. The MSM-IB program provided me with the skills needed as a business professional and allowed me to form connections with other business professionals which in turn led me to my current employment at Insight Global, where I am a contractor for Microsoft. I am beyond thankful to have been a part of this program, and I am a better person because of it. GO, IB and GO, KNIGHTS!

Name: Milica Dragoljevic
Job Title: Microsoft Project Manager/Customer Success Specialist
Company: Insight Global, LLC.

Bachelor’s Degree: Interdisciplinary Studies
MSM-IB Class 2019-2020

Cristian Aviles: My path through the MSM-IB program is truly unique. I discovered the MSM-IB program through an email, during my last semester as an undergraduate in health sciences at UCF. My goal since beginning college was to continue school and become an optometrist. So how did I end up pursuing a Master’s in Integrated Business? I knew after my graduation in 2021, I was looking at a long gap year and had no idea what to do with it. After careful consideration, I decided if I ever wanted to operate my own practice in the future, having a business background would go a long way. This program ended up being the best decision I could have made for my academic and professional career.

This program not only allowed me to continue my journey as a student and not lose any momentum academically, but it also provided me with countless opportunities to grow as a student and professional. I learned the value of developing my soft skills, which ultimately helped me get into optometry school. As a program, MSM-IB is an investment in yourself, no matter what your next steps look like.

Name: Cristian Aviles
Student Optometric Physician
Nova Southeastern University

Bachelor’s Degree: Health Science
MSM-IB Class 2021-2022