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IB Excellence Awards Spring 2022


1st Place:  Sultan Khan

2nd Place:  Sydney Prosser

3rd Place:  Joshua Schechter

4th Place:  Duyer Primera


1st Place:  Daniel Lupo

2nd Place:  John Valenti

3rd Place:  Paul Crouch

4th Place:  Benjamin Chalupa

Critical Thinking

1st Place:  Lauren Donor

2nd Place:  Melissa Wilks

3rd Place:  Luke Hooper

4th Place:  Charlie Taylor

Problem Solving

1st Place:  Abdullah Alyousef

2nd Place:  Chandler Dordoy

3rd Place:  Jordan Hazen

4th Place:  Chase Laur

Oral Communication

1st Place:  Savannah Hobbs

2nd Place:  Ryan Gagnon

3rd Place:  Alexandra Claure

4th Place:  Jacob Gancedo

Written Communication

1st Place:  Kyle Proper

2nd Place:  Alexandra Claure

3rd Place:  Kaitlin Menke

4th Place:  Claudia Joiner

Creativity & Innovation

1st Place:  Jacob Woolf

2nd Place:  Joshua Kennedy

3rd Place:  Kamran Kaba

4th Place:  Wayne Smith

Professionalism & Ethics

1st Place:  Emily Schwab

2nd Place:  Antoine Stimphil

3rd Place:  Christian Cuevas

4th Place:  Kaitlin Menke

Teaching & Student Engagement

Winner:  Christopher Leo

In the Integrated Business (IB) program, students work closely with each other in all eight courses required in the major, which gives them firsthand knowledge of their IB colleagues’ skills.  The Integrated Business Excellence Awards allow IB students to recognize their exceptional colleagues in applying skills and learning integral to the mission of the Integrated Business program.

Thank you to all who voted in the IB Excellence Awards process this semester.  

And like always, Go IB!