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IB Excellence Awards

Integrated Business Excellence Awards

Award Rationale

In the Integrated Business (IB) program, students work closely with each other in all 8 courses required in the major which gives them firsthand knowledge of their IB colleagues’ skills and knowledge. The Integrated Business Excellence Awards provide IB students the opportunity to recognize their colleagues who are exceptional in the application of skills and knowledge integral to the mission of the Integrated Business program. Please take approximately 5 minutes to nominate fellow IB students for each of the 7 Integrated Business Excellence Awards by following the link below and completing the survey. Thank you very much for helping provide recognition for outstanding IB students.


IB Excellence Award Nomination Form

Award Categories

King Arthur Award for Leadership: This award recognizes IB students who demonstrate exceptional skill and ability in applying leadership principles such as effectively espousing the vision of the program and motivating other IB students to achieve and excel.

Sir Galahad Award for Professionalism and Ethics: This award recognizes IB students who unwaveringly exhibit professional demeanor across a variety of situations, are consulted for their advice regarding professional behavior, and consistently uphold community and university ethical standards.

Sir Lancelot Award for Teamwork: This award recognizes IB students who exhibit exceptional collaborative skills both in and out of the classroom. Such students are able to facilitate effective teamwork in highly diverse groups across a wide variety of classroom and university settings.

Sir Percival Award for Critical Thinking: This award recognizes IB students who are able to effectively assess problem situations, formulate insightful questions, evaluate assumptions, gather relevant information, interpret data, recommend informed solutions, and articulate the consequences of interventions.

Sir Gawain Award for Communication: This award recognizes IB students who effectively express themselves both verbally and in writing through the application of accepted communication conventions, accurate analysis of audiences, use of effective listening skills, and proficient translation of complex ideas.

Sir Bedivere Award for Research: This award recognizes IB students who exhibit creativity and persistence in accessing empirical and non-empirical support for ideas, opinions, and assumptions. These students are recognized experts at finding and interpreting needed information and incorporating it into a variety of deliverables using professionally-accepted citation standards.

Sir Tristan Award for Technology Literacy: This award recognizes IB students who understand the uses and limitations of a wide variety of technological problem solutions and can appropriately recommend and implement such solutions. These students are also master users of both common technological tools such as Microsoft Office products, Prezi, and Webcourses and less common, specialized technological tools such as MS Visio and MS Project.