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IB Graduate Faculty

Chris Leo

  • Dr. Christopher Leo is an Associate Lecturer who works for the University of Central Florida in the College of Business. Dr. Leo believes that persistence, hard work and the ability to signal value are the main ingredients that drive success in today’s business world. He believes that “greatness” exists in ALL of his students, and as such, spends his time helping them learn, grow and develop their transferable skills so they will be prepared for what has become a tumultuous job environment. 
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James Brown

  • Dr. Brown is a Lecturer at the Integrated Business department, teaching Business Intelligence (GEB6895) Master’s program. He believes that inspiration, along with the motivation to use and apply what is learned in the classroom, is as equally important as education. His focus is transferring practical knowledge that has real-world applicability, empowering students to make impactful contributions to their employers immediately.
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Gordon Henry

  • As an educator, Dr. Henry has 29 years of experience serving as a professor and administrator in psychology departments and business schools at a wide variety of colleges and universities in the Eastern and Southern United States. At the M.S.M Integrated Business program, Dr. Henry teaches Human Resources Management (MAN6305). A consistent theme across all of Dr. Henry’s work experience is the design and implementation of systems that use positive recognition, feedback, and innovative rewards to encourage high levels of student and employee performance.
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Carlos Valdez

  • Dr. Valdez is an Associated Lecturer and Lead Faculty for the Integrated Business and Marketing program. In the graduate program, Dr. Valdez teaches Sales and Marketing Strategies (MAR6416). Through his classes and with his students at UCF West, UCF Osceola, and UCF Orlando, they have served more than 80 small businesses in Central Florida and counting with marketing consultation projects.
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Frank Tamberelli

  • Frank J. Tamberelli is a Lead Faculty member with the Integrated Business Program, and he is responsible for the development and maintenance of one course for the graduate level; Small Business Accounting and Finance (ENT6418). Dr. Tamberelli has a background in international banking and has managed global organizations in some of the country’s largest corporations. Tamberelli has also owned several successful small businesses and has been a college business instructor for more than twenty years.
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Lynn Becker

  • Dr. Becker is an Associate Instructor at both graduate and undergraduate levels. At the M.S.M Integrated Business program, Dr. Becker teaches Project Management (MAN6581). With an engaging and student-centered teaching style, her commitment to student success is evidenced by numerous teaching awards, including two UCF Teaching Incentive Program Awards and the Carl H. Galloway Award for Exemplary Teaching.
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Troy Pounds

  • Troy Pounds is a Visiting Lecturer in the Integrated Business Program, teaching Business Foundations and Career Development (GEB6037) at the graduate level. During his time teaching at UCF, Dr. Pounds has established one of the highest Student Perception of Instruction scores in the Management Department at UCF and has led teams to place in the top three of the Great Capstone Case Competition in each of the three semesters he’s taught the course.
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Sarah Willox

  • Dr. Sara Willox has joined the Integrated Business Department at UCF to design and instruct the graduate course Organizational Behavior and Development (MAN6245). Dr. Willox has been teaching online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses in business, leadership, sustainability, and psychology since 2010. Prior to joining UCF, she had thrice been honored with the “Excellence in Teaching” award given out annually to an outstanding faculty member by Upper Iowa University. Dr. Willox has fifteen years of professional experience in nonprofit management, human resources, operations, and development. 
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