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Required Courses

All College of Business Administration degree programs, including the IB degree, require 27 credit hours of advanced coursework in the major. The required courses are:

GEB 4522 Data Driven Decision Making Using public and private data to inform and drive business decision making. Includes issue identification, feasible solution generation, optimal decision selection, performance tracking, and persuasive writing.
GEB 4513 Applied Business Technologies Focuses on a firm’s ability to recognize, evaluate and integrate technological developments in an advancing tech-driven business environment.
MAN 3302 Essentials of Human Resources Management Provides Integrated Business majors with a review of basic human resource management practices and policies and the organizational role of HRM function.
GEB 3031 Integrated Business Foundations Provides opportunity to utilize core competencies of team work, communication, and creative decision making through a hands on, small business consulting or problem solving engagement.
MAR 3407 Integrated Marketing and Sales Students will demonstrate the ability to operate as a sales and marketing coordinator by analyzing and evaluating marketing and sales business scenarios to conceptualize an integrated marketing and sales plan with creative strategies and innovative tactics face-to-face and online in the Business-to-Consumers (B2C) and Business-to-Business (B2B) markets.
ENT 4412 Managing Small Business Finance Overview of the financial issues faced by small- and medium-sized businesses, including cash flow and working capital management. The course uses a team-based computer-based business simulation so that students can see the real-life implications of their business decisions.
ECP 4703 Managerial Economics The uses of economic analysis in economic decision-making and business policy formulation.
MAN 4583 Project Management Foundations of project management in assorted business organizations (large/small; manufacturing/service; for profit/not for profit): Covers all project phases from initiation to termination.

Restricted Elective Courses

Students are also required to choose one elective from among the following list:

ENT 3613 Creativity and Entrepreneurship 3 hrs
GEB 4104 Small Business Development 3 hrs
GEB 4941 Internship One-term of major related work experience in a pre-approved sponsoring organization, structured for learning with reflection, supervision and evaluation. Requires department consent.

After approval is received for admission to the major, students will begin completing the Secondary Business Core and the remaining three (3) courses in the Career Professionalism Series. This coursework is to be taken concurrently with the 27 credit hours of major coursework.

Secondary Business Core

The Secondary Business Core courses are designed to ensure that students have a solid understanding of the various functions of business and the environment in which the enterprise operates. The Secondary Business Core classes are:

GEB 3375 Introduction to International Business Understanding the interdependence of globalized world economy and similarities between domestic and international business domains.
BUL 3130 The Legal and Ethical Environment of Business Analysis of the law as a dynamic social and political institution in the business environment, including contract law, torts, and ethical consideration.
MAR 3203 Supply Chain Management Study of the planning and management of all activities involved in processes, assets, and flows of materials and information to meet customers’ needs.
MAN 4720 Strategic Management/Capstone Students assume a strategic view of organizations and integrate and apply material learned in their business courses to modern organizational problems and opportunities.

The Career Professionalism Series

GEB 3003 Career Research and Planning (taken prior to admission to the major) Designed to provide a basic understanding of the importance of career professionalism in today’s competitive business environment. The course focuses on self-awareness and career research and planning.
GEB 3005 Career Search Strategies Provides a basic understanding of the importance of career professionalism in today’s competitive business environment. The course focuses on personal branding/marketing and career search strategies.
GEB 4223 Business Interviewing Techniques Develops each student’s ability to make a persuasive one-on-one or small group presentation that is designed to invoke action by either the individual or small group.
GEB 4004 Executing Your Career Plan Coaches provide recommendations throughout the career search process, and help implement the career plan developed during the previous three career development courses.