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IB Graduate Courses


  • Fall Semester
    • GEB 6037 Business Foundations and Career Development
      • Students will study the concepts, principles, and operations of private enterprise. They will be introduced to the essential functions of modern business management, including marketing, finance, accounting, operations, economics, and human resource management. They will learn how to identify the knowledge, skills, and abilities (KSAs, also known as competencies) associated with success in various job titles and how to map their interests and past educational, work, and life experiences to those KSAs.
    • GEB 6895 Business Intelligence
      • Provides an introduction to a critical thinking process designed to solve business problems that incorporate careful data analysis and persuasive writing.
    • MAN 6245 Organizational Behavior
      • Students learn to analyze human behavior in organizations in terms of the individual, small group, and intergroup relationships, and the total organization.
    • MAR 6416 Sales and Marketing Strategies
      • Students will study strategic issues faced by firms when they seek to market and sell their goods and services. The course will cover the basic principles of marketing.. Students will also be introduced to the sales process, in business-to-business (B2B) markets.
  • Spring Semester
    • ENT 6418 Small Business Accounting and Finance
      • Students will learn concepts of accrual accounting, the contents and uses of financial statements and how they relate to one another, ratio analysis, business structure and valuation, time value of money, cash flow management and budgeting, forecasting, funding courses for various types of businesses, the cost of capital, and capital budgeting.
    • MAN 6305 Human Resource Management
      • Students learn to contribute to the development and implementation of human resource policies and practices.  Legal issues and relationships with other business functions are emphasized.
    • MAN 6448 Conflict Resolution and Negotiation
      • The student will come to recognize the pervasiveness and importance of negotiation and acquire a repertoire of negotiating skills. They will develop a systematic and positive approach to negotiating with colleagues, bosses, clients, other stakeholders, and external groups of all kinds—in ways that equip them to deal also with all kinds of conditions and circumstances.
    • MAN 6581 Project Management
      • Students will be introduced to key project management skills and strategies with a focus on methods needed to initiate and manage projects efficiently and effectively. They will study the project management life cycle, defining project parameters, matrix management challenges, effective project management tools and techniques, and the role of a project manager.
  • Summer Session
    • MAN 6915 Applied Field Project (or approved internship)
    • MAN 6721 Applied Strategy and Business Policy
  • Capstone Course
    • The Master of Science in Management/Integrated Business (MSM/IB) capstone course, MAN 6915 – Applied Field Project, is required for all MSM/IB students. This capstone course applies concepts, theories and methods learned earlier in the program to organizational problems in business settings.