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Project Management

Project Management

Course Overview

This course is designed to prepare students for a career in organizations that adopt the project model as a method of managing work. The course is based on the methodology of the Project Management Institute, which is considered the leading approach to project management in today’s business world. The methodology explained in this course can be applied to a wide variety of business models and industries.

Course Objectives

By the conclusion of the course, students will:

  • describe what constitutes a project and explain the role of the project manager
  • explain the process groups of project management and how they relate to each other, with a focus on initiating and closing
  • define project scope
  • construct project schedule
  • construct project budget
  • develop project procurement plan
  • develop project risk management plan
  • use a leading project management software to create a project schedule
  • identify ethical behavior expected of the project manager
  • evaluate the performance of a project using Earned Value Management technique
  • construct a comprehensive project management plan
  • experience leading a team using basic project management skills
  • describe a typical career path in the field of project management and the key enablers for success in such career
  • practice questions similar to those provided in leading project management certification exam


Course Topics Outline

Module 0: Class Preparation

Module 1: Overview of Project Management

Module 2: Initiating and Organizational Interactions

Module 3: Scope Management

Module 4: Estimating and Scheduling

Module 5: Project Cost Management

Module 6: Managing People in Projects

Module 7: Risk Management

Module 8: Procurement Management

Module 9: Project Monitoring and Controlling

Module 10: Agile Project Management and Closing

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