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IB Department

IB Department


Integrated Business is the newest of the seven BSBA degrees offered by UCF’s College of Business. IB represents a new approach to undergraduate business education.


Why You Should be an Integrated Business Major

Many of today’s students will go on to careers that comprise as many as six to nine jobs. They will work in several organizations and be required to manage a wide variety of programs across the business enterprise. With most job creation in medium and small firms, there is a good chance you will work in a company where the skills of a business “integrator” will be necessary and highly valued. As such, you need a more robust and varied educational experience than most specialty degrees can offer.

There have been numerous articles written regarding the strength of business graduates with a wider range of knowledge and experience to serve a more diverse role in companies and organizations. UCF College of Business Dean Paul Jarley has shared some perspectives from UCF alumni and other business leaders regarding this issue in his blog.


A Different Learning Experience

As an Integrated Business student, you will have an experience that stresses the links between business disciplines and functions. All classes are face-to-face, stress applied learning and skill development and make use of free, up-to-date resources rather than just textbooks. You can expect to hear from local speakers and work on real-world projects. You will graduate with both a broad understanding of business and strong financial, analytic and communication skills. Your learned experience in the major will not only help you land your first job after graduation, it will help prepare you for your next job and the one to follow.

For more information visit the IB Department site.

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