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IB Competition



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The Integrated Business Competition Case Challenge Greetings and welcome to the Integrated Business Competition (IBC) Case Challenge!

This competition will require you to integrate and draw upon the knowledge, skills and abilities attained in all eight Integrated Business courses.

Team Formation All students participating in the IBC Case Challenge must form teams of 4-5 members.

It is encouraged that interested participants recruit team members who have successfully completed the IB courses that they have not! All participants must be currently enrolled as an IB major.

IB competition registration.jpg

Due Dates The IBC report is due by Wednesday, October 10th at 9:00 AM, submissions must be emailed to

A team of IB faculty will then review those submissions and either approve/deny them. Semi-finalist teams will be announced on October 15.

If your team is selected as a semi-finalist, you will be asked to (1) suit up and (2) build a 10 minute Prezi/PowerPoint presentation of your report findings/recommendations and present those findings on Friday, October 19, at 4:00 PM to IB Alumni and our Advisory Board members.

Fall 2018 Business Concept: Foodtruck Industry Greetings! You’ve been hired as consultants to help a struggling food truck. They have provided you with some basic financials but nothing else.

They’ve asked you to provide them with an entirely new direction, including but not limited to a new; mission statement, marketing plan, target demographic, food theme, etc… Please build a report that covers all the topics below. Don’t forget to include a cover page with all team member names! Executive Summary Provide an executive summary that outlines, in a concise manner, the most critical aspects of your analyses. Your executive summary should adhere to the format and content guidelines described in the Integrated Business Writer’s Handbook (p191, 217-218). It should identify your most critical findings and then highlight key components of your recommendation.

IB Competition Guidelines

IB Comp Pro forma income statement and statement of cash flow

Video Instructions part 1:


Video Instructions part 2:


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