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The IB Competition Fall 2020

IB Competition FAQ:
What is the IB Competition?
A: The Integrated Business Competition is our department’s signature event. This business competition provides the opportunity for students to showcase the broad range of soft and hard skills they learn during their time in our program. The event goals are threefold: 1) to familiarize students with the strategic planning side of running a business, 2) to integrate the various areas of expertise required to operate a business unit successfully, and 3) to provide an opportunity to practice using these tools in multiple settings.  Each of the eight IB courses will post the same case study but each will ask a different question from the case study that pertains to the course.    

Q: What are the requirements to compete in the IB Competition?
A: Simple! Just form a team of 3-5 members that you wish to work with and choose only five out of the eight questions from the posted case study to answer. Once your team is satisfied with your answers, prepare a 10 minute, pre-recorded, presentation and submit it for review no later than Monday, October 19th at 9:00 AM.

Q: What happens if our team is selected to move forward to the semi-final round?
A: If your team is selected to move forward to the semi-final round then “suit up” and prepare to deliver your presentation live on Friday, October 23rd at 5:00 PM on Zoom (invitations will be sent out). Be prepared to defend your answers from the case study. Teams will then be selected to move to the final round which will take place around 7 PM.

Q: What happens if our team competes in the semi-final round but is NOT selected for the final round?

A: At the very minimum, your team will walk away with the Purple Ticket – congrats!

Q: What’s the Purple Ticket?
A: The Purple Ticket is a voucher that you can use to replace any grade of any single assignment worth up to 10% in any single Integrated Business course with a perfect score. The Purple Ticket must be turned in and used in the semester in which you obtained this reward (otherwise it will turn into a pumpkin on midnight prior to final grades being posted). For assignments >10%, the value will be prorated. The ticket cannot be used in previous completed courses and cannot be transferred. 

Q: What happens if our team is selected to compete in the final round?
A: If your team is selected to compete in the final round then you’ll run through your presentation once more in front of our finalist judges. A more extensive Q&A will follow. First, Second and Third place teams will each be awarded with a Purple Trophy, Financial Scholarships, Purple Tickets and the chance to network directly with our Corporate sponsor, Enterprise Holdings and our Advisory Board members.

Q: Does the entire team HAVE to speak and be present for the semi-final and final round?
A: Yes

Q: Is there a presentation template that we should follow?
A: Not really…I mean…sort of – basic presentation guidelines be found in the module entitled, “IB Competition Case Study.” Teams are NOT required to follow these bullet points but you may find that it’ll help for the foundation of your presentation.

Q: Who are the semi-finalist judges?
A: IB alumni – they will be looking to network and recruit you for internships and employment positions for the firms that they are currently employed at.

Q: More information?
A: Contact Dr. Christopher Leo at

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