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UCF Integrated Business Case Challenge for High School FAQ

What is the UCF Integrated Business Case Challenge for Highs School students?

In short, the UCF Integrated Business Case Challenge for High School Students is an opportunity for Central Florida high school students to spend a day at UCF practicing their team work and presentation skills while interacting with current UCF faculty and students, in pursuit of the best recommendation to our solve our business case.

What will the business case be?

There is no need to prepare in advance, so we are saving the business case details until competition day. That morning, you will participate in skill building sessions led by our Integrated Business students. After lunch, you will work with your team to propose a solution to our business case, which you will present to our judges, who are recent Integrated Business alumni.

Why should I participate?

Meet some new people, improve your team work and collaboration skills, refine your presentation skills, learn a few business skills, engage in the college experience, and hopefully have some fun.

Who is eligible to participate?

Any high school junior or senior from the Central Florida region.

Do I need to plan to major in business in college?

Absolutely not. While we are using a business case as the challenge, the skills that you will be practicing are relevant to just about any major field of study or career in your future.

Why are you emphasizing soft skills in the competition?

Soft skills are part of our DNA in Integrated Business. We have learned from employers that the soft skills: team work, critical thinking, communication, etc. are the most sought after skills in college graduates. As a result, soft skill development is built into every part of our Integrated Business curriculum.

What is Integrated Business?

Integrated Business is a relatively new major within the College of Business Administration. In just a few short years, we have grown to become one of the largest majors on campus. We are a multi-disciplinary business program, meaning

our graduates have not concentrated in any one area or field in business. Instead, after completing the core business classes, Integrated Business students take classes in a number of diverse areas such as Project Management, Applied Business Technology, and Data Driven Decision Making to name just a few. All the while, students are continuing to work on developing their soft skills through interactive activities in every class. As a result, Integrated Business graduates leave UCF prepared to step into a variety of different roles in the business community.

Can we sign up as a team?

Sorry, but no. One of the soft skills we want to help you develop is how to collaborate as a team with people you just met.

Do I need to be planning to enroll at UCF?

Not at all. Needless to say, we would be happy to answer questions about UCF and the Integrated Business experience, but UCF need not be in your near future for you to join us for the Integrated Business Case Challenge.

Is there a charge to participate?

Registration is free. Thanks to our contributors, the Integrated Business team will provide breakfast and lunch as well at no charge to participants.

Are there prizes for the winner?

Yes, there will be prizes for our winners. However, we think the experience will be valuable to you whether you win or not.

When is the competition?

Saturday, February 23rd. Breakfast and our open session start at 8:00am. We will finish by 5:00pm.

Where will the Integrated Business Case Challenge be held?

At the College of Business on the UCF campus. We will meet in the Atrium of the Business Administration I building. The closest parking is in Garage C. If your group is arriving by bus, please coordinate bus drop off with us in advance.

How do I sign up?

Students may sign up through their high school or by contacting Integrated Business Instructor Shelley Maccini at or (407) 490-1970. Registrations will be taken until February 13th, or until capacity is reached.

Is there a dress code requirement?

We ask all participants to dress business casual.

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