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An the winner of the IB 2018 Fall competition is…


First Place: Wheels

Sydney Birely, Ashley Townsend, Leomar Vasquez and Lindsay Owens






Second Place: The Gyro Grill

Cole Curtis, Luis Gonzalez, David Prieto, Rachel Stone and Tom Strawley

2 The Gyro Grill.JPG



Third Place: Trucken Good Food

Angelena Klosner, Aaron Shishilla,  Julian Sanchez, Ynoshka Amill  and Heather Cromlish3 Trucken' Good Food.JPG


Fourth Place: Pasta Perfect

Virginia Jones, Krystal Huot, Michael Grillo, Calvin Garcia, & Vivek Mistry

4 Pasta Perfect.JPG


You can check here the winners of the 2018 Spring IB Competition:



And if you want to compete you can check the instructions here for the next competition:





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