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IB Alumni spotlight: Stephen Marinak

Job Title:  Project Engineer Intern

Company:  Lecessee Construction, a leader in senior living construction headquartered in New York state and known for aesthetically-pleasing, sustainable senior campuses.

Stephen was able to acquire this position by focusing on an industry, establishing relationships in that industry at career fairs and other events, gaining experience in the industry by working in entry-level positions, and then tailoring his resume, cover letter, and interview preparation to reflect his knowledge of and interest in construction management.  Stephen was also able to use the soft-skills knowledge he acquired in the IB program to convince Lecessee Construction that he would be a valuable contributor to their small, but growing, team based in Orlando.  Not only is Stephen off to a great start in his professional career in the construction industry, one of the top three industries in the number of job openings in Central Florida, but Stephen is hoping to continue his academic training in the field through enrollment in the Master’s program in Construction Management at the University of Florida.  If you’d like to reach out to Stephen to congratulate him or pick his brain about what has led to his success, you can reach him on LinkedIn at