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IB course: Small Business Finance

The Managing Small Business Finances course is designed to show you all of the different ways that the finance function impacts every aspect of a business’s operations. Yes, we will review some of the important financial statements that you learned in your accounting classes, but more importantly we are going to learn a few of the financial ratios that are really important tools for business managers to measure the “health” of the company and apply those tools in analyzing the financial statements to learn how the business is really performing. We are also going to cover a number of related topics that impact a company’s financial well-being, such as inventory management, managing accounts receivables and payables to improve the all-important cash flow, and how to manage our relationships with our suppliers. We are going to leverage the finance function’s importance and provide you with several different views of day to day issues facing business owners and managers so that you can understand how a financial event (like selling a product or ordering more inventory or equipment) can impact a company in a number of ways.

To learn more you can visit the course page.


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