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IBPA: Kick-Off Event

IBPA’s First Fall 2019 Event

Written by Cara Olivo

First things first, what exactly is IBPA and why should we (IB students) join? IBPA stands for the Integrated Business Professional Association. It was created to aid IB students in creating a professional presence outside of the classroom. We quickly catch on to how to give presentations in front of 60 of our peers and dress ‘Business Professional’ to appease our professors. However, learning how to be professional outside of the classroom might need a little help. This is where IBPA can come in handy!

The mission statement for the association reads, “Promoting an integrated culture of professionalism, collaboration, problem-solving, and risk-taking to help business students today become the leaders of tomorrow.” I don’t know about you guys, but that sounds like something I could benefit from!

They hold events on and off-campus such as trivia night, socials, workshops, and volunteering. Joining could open up so many doors for students, and it is there for us to take advantage! If this is something you are interested in, contact Amanda Saab for more information. Another cool perk of joining is getting chords for graduation! Who doesn’t want chords to show off their accomplishments at graduation? Join IBPA today!