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IB Alumni: What Can IB Event

Written by Shelly Singh

What Can IB?

“We are specializing in creating generalist. The purpose of this event to show students how the Integrated Business major’s curriculum prepares them for countless opportunities.”

 Dr. Frank Tamberelli

Dr. Frank Tamberelli, Lead Faculty for the Integrated Business major has been facilitating the “What Can IB?” event for several semesters. This event takes place at The Exchange where a small panel of IB Alumni are invited to speak to current IB students about the companies they are currently employed with and their respective roles.

Because the Integrated Business major is fairly new, Dr. T’s purpose for putting this event together is to address the question often asked, “what can I do with this degree?”. In order to help students gain a better understanding of the plethora of potential opportunities with this B.S.B.A. degree, he invites an array of professionals working within a variety of different industries to share how the IB program has prepared them for their careers.

            Have you been asking yourself, “what am I going to do with this degree”?

If you answered yes, sign up for What Can IB? on COBA pass on Wednesday October 9th from 1:30pm-2:30pm!

Our IB Alumni will be participating in a Q&A session and will be available for one-on-one conversations.