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IBPA Event: Interview Workshop

Written by Cara Olivo

IBPA Inside Scoop (Featuring Amanda Saab- IBPA Marketing Coordinator)

After diving into what IBPA was last week, I decided to reach out to someone in charge and get their take on what they define IBPA as and what makes it so unique. The marketing coordinator Amanda Saab was kind enough to answer a few interview questions and here is what she had to say on the matter

“IBPA is a club for Integrated Business students, but anyone can join. We strive to have a culture of professionalism, collaboration, problem-solving, and risk-taking. Students can benefit from joining by being able to network with IB faculty and students. Also, access to attend informative workshops and social events to better yourself as a business student and your future career. It looks great to write down on your resume that you were a member of the Integrated Business Professional Association!”

She also highlighted some of her favorite events that the Professional Association hosts and attends,

“My favorite events are the Workshops that IBPA hosts, they’re super beneficial and help with my career in/out of school. Specifically, the LinkedIn Workshop, the guest speaker taught us so many useful tips to strengthen our profiles. We also have fun social events! This is a way to unwind from school and have fun with our IBPA friends.”

After grasping a good idea of what she admired about the club, I was interested in why she wanted to play the role of a significant leader in the first place. Sometimes opportunities come, and you cannot let them pass you by.

“I was having a mentor meeting with Dr. Leo, and he mentioned that there was an opening position as a Marketing Coordinator for IBPA. Right away, I knew it would be perfect for me! I wanted to gain the knowledge and experience from it while building my resume. I knew it would help me gain the confidence to network with more with IB students/faculty, and I’m so happy that I accepted the position.”

From what I gathered from her incredible insight, Amanda Saab is driven by her passion. Which is helping young college students like me get one step ahead of the game. Or as the OPD would like to say, “getting to the one.” Which is really all we, IB students, are here for.

Stay tuned for next week’s article on KAPM!