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Faculty Project Spotlight – Digital Marketing with Dr. Valdez

Written by Rachel Meng

At UCF, instructors not only teach their designated courses, but they also manage student projects that enrich students’ hands-on learning and professional experience.  

One of the projects close to Professor Valdez’s heart is the IB Digital Squad, because of all the details and tasks that this project entails. It is an opportunity to serve fellow IB students in different capacity like a coach/coworker/supervisor in an area that he is passionate about, which is Digital Marketing.

With the support of our IB Department Chair, Dr. Jim Gilkeson, the IB Digital Squad (IBDS) project was created three years ago by Professor Valdez to promote IB program online. 

During the past three years, he’s had the opportunity to work and mentor extraordinary IB students in developing creative solutions. IB LinkedIn page was born as a result, and it is now managed by Dr. Christopher Leo. Other innovative solutions include our IB blog and YouTube channel. Our blog is the online hub to the entire IB universe, because it connects with the social channels of IBPA, IB LinkedIn page, even the main IB webpage at the College of Business; so today if any potential students want to know if IB is a good program for them, we simply need to refer them to our blog: and they will find answers to almost all of their initial questions.

This year we have five awesome new members: Rachel, Tiara, Shelly, Cara, and Jason, and you can find more about them in this post:

Professor Valdez said, “this project has been a great learning experience for me because it is putting in action what I teach in the classroom. Also, as a part of this experience, I have received the certification from the American Marketing Association as a Professional Certified Digital Marketer.I invite all the IB students who are interested in Digital Marketing to be part of the IB squad by contacting any of us.”

Thank you, professor Valdez, for creating a project with so many transferrable skills that are relevant and applicable in today’s digital marketing. 


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