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IB Students: The Invitational

Written by Tiara Jimenez

Last Thursday, The Invitational was hosted at The Venue, where students and employers met to network. There were companies like Ross, AdventHealth, TTi, Lockheed Martin, Universal and many more. Thanks to the diversity in employers at the event, they were able to cater to every student.

As an Integrated Business student, I noticed that employers were approaching me because they saw on my name tag that my major was IB. They were actively looking for people from the program. It proved to me that employers are actively seeking people with the combination of soft and hard skills that we develop as Integrated Business students.

I had the pleasure to attend to the event with other Integrated Business students and this is what they had to say about the event: 

“I was excited to see so many different companies interested in UCF business students! It really shows that the opportunity is out there.”

  • Jason Babun

“As an IB student, going to the invitational was an awesome experience. Not only was I able to use the elevator pitch that we have all been working on, but I was also able to talk to a lot of employers who asked about the IB major, and was able to reel them in with a conversation about the major and spark their interest.

  • Kevin Balgobind

“As an Integrated Business Senior, The Invitational was a worthwhile experience.

Not only did I have the opportunity to engage in one on one conversations with employers, but I was also able to expand my professional network with like-minded business students.

This event was a success!”

  • Shelly Singh

We have what it takes to get to the one!


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