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IB Faculty/Projects: W.E. Leadership

Written by Rachel Meng

W.E. Mean Business

Presented by Enterprise Holdings

A career-driven event to empower women in business studies.

The very first W.E. (Women Empowered) Mean Business Leadership Dinner took place at UCF College of Business last Thursday. This invite-only event was organized by Enterprise and Athena WE, a registered student organization. When I first arrived, I met Brittany Chapman, a talent acquisition specialist. She led me to sign in at an iPad and fill out my information.

It was open seating and had at least 20 tables. Each table sat four students with a facilitator. Many female executives from Enterprise were present as event facilitators, including Naomi Lampkin, who is a UCF alumnus at Enterprise as a talent acquisition specialist who was also in charge of this event. Some were UCF’s professors, including Dr. Carolyn Massiah, assistant chair of our marketing department.

We had round table discussions that were based on one of Athena WE’s eight principles. The five principles that Enterprise chose were: acting courageously, advocating fiercely, collaboration, giving back, and learning. I sat with two other IB students and an Accounting student. Our first facilitator was Naomi, the event organizer, and her principle of discussion was advocating fiercely. She first shared her personal experience of how she much she advanced in her career because her boss advocated on her behalf, then we each shared our personal experiences. The second facilitator was Woody Walker, the EVP for Convergence Consulting Group, and the principle was working in collaboration. She expressed how much she collaborated with others throughout her career and its significance in our life. Our final facilitator was Jennifer, the VP of human resources at Enterprise, and the topic was acting courageously. She explained that she had to act courageously to become the VP, and some high risks yield high rewards.

The event was successful. I learned valuable lessons while networking with other students and role models. Many facilitators had very positive feedback about the IB major. “it’s a major that prepares you for the real business world!” “It equips students with the right tools to excel.” I was proud to be an IB major and represent IB by sharing what I’ve learned in class.

Go IB!

“Courage is rightly esteemed the first of human qualities because it is the quality which guarantees all others.”

– Winston Churchill


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