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IB Alumni Success Spotlight Questionnaire

Written by Shelly Singh

Huge thanks to Jennifer Giraldo for being this week’s feature on the IB Alumni Spotlight!

As a Leasing Professional at Picerne Real Estate, Jennifer allowed current Integrated Business students to gain insights as to how this program accelerated her professional career.

When pursuing your undergrad, why did you decide on the Integrated Business major?

I knew I didn’t want to focus on one topic. I wanted to be familiarized with everything business, so I had a stronger understanding of how all the different parts work together. This would also help me in my future of becoming an entrepreneur.

How did you “get to the one”? In other words, how did you land the role you currently hold?

Stephanie Hill who was from the Office of Professional Development recommended me to the HR Recruiter from Picerne Real Estate. She then called me in for an interview and we had such a great chat that she moved me forward to meeting one of the Vice Presidents of the company.

After that interview, I got to the one!

How do you think the IB program aided in your success?

The IB program enhanced my presentation skills, improved my researching strategies, and provided me with an incomparable network of motivated students and selfless professors.

Are there any specific classes that offered knowledge that better prepared you for your role?

Small Business Finance, Applied Business Technology, Intro to HR and Contemporary Selling.

Any piece of advice you would offer to upcoming IB graduates who are asking the question “what can this degree get me?”

It will open doors for you if you remember to market yourself well and do what IB kids are prone and known to do and that is: network. This will get you the foot in the door. Your major is the conversation starter and your charisma and grit that has been ingrained into you taking those IB courses are those things that will seal the deal when going for those interviews.

Additional notes/thoughts/advice?

Build strong relationships with your professors, not only do they actually care about your success but also have a wide network of friends/colleagues that can get you to the one.

Be part of IBPA and attend all the workshops. The workshops will cover several topics you learn in the classes but will go one step further of having you not only understanding it but practice it as well. This also will help make your bond with your professors more which again are invaluable.