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KAPM: PMI Holiday Gala and Hall of Fame Gala

Recently, the Knights Association of Project Management had two incredible opportunities. The first of which was to attend PMI Central Florida Chapter’s Holiday Gala in December. Most recently, they had the opportunity to volunteer for logistics AND attend UCF’s Hall of Fame Gala this month.

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Press Release for Hall of Fame is attached and PMI Gala Details are Linked Here.

Our UCF KAPM would love to share how students have incredible opportunities for events and activities outside of main campus and our regular/traditional workshops and talks. They get to network with incredible employers and organizations to explore project management roles as well as the experience of managing these huge events, which are definitely projects! They also have a lot of fun!!!

Two KAPM members shared their thoughts on attending the PMI Holiday Gala. Here is what they had to say,

Josie Glass, Integrated Business Student – “The PMI Gala was such an interesting and insightful event. I was able to talk to multiple individuals that educated me on what they do In the field of project management as well as gave me useful tips on how to pursue future goals within project management. This event not only made me more confident as a student but reassured me that project management is my passion.” 

Taylor Nielson, Integrated Business Student – “As an aspiring Project Manager and future Residential Interior Designer I joined KAPM in hopes to build professional connections, relationships, and experience. Through KAPM I have met encouraging professionals at the PMI Gala and have obtained crucial advice for my career goals that I will always be thankful for.” 

Members of KAPM also gave quotes on their attendance to the Hall of Fame Gala.

Taylor Nielson, Integrated Business Student – “Attending The Hall of Fame Gala was an out of this world experience, I was honored to connect with some of the most successful leaders from UCF’s College of Business. This event truly helped me grow as a future Project Manager in Interior Design, Go Knights!”-

Hayley Carroll, Integrated Business Student – “Getting to attend the Hall of Fame Gala and represent KAPM was an incredible experience. As someone who is about to graduate from the college of business, seeing the inductees’ success was inspirational. I can only hope to one day be on that stage.” 

Andrew Stregare, KAPM Vice President, Management Student – “Each and every event I attend helps me better understand the business learning of project management. I’ve met a great number of professionals in different industries so it’s always a surprise who you meet!”


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