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Written By Jason Babun

IB Course Spotlight: Integrated Marketing and Sales

In IB, there are plenty of courses that help IB students advance their knowledge in different fields of business, and in this week’s Course Spotlight we will be talking about the course Integrated Marketing and Sales, formally known as Contemporary Selling.

The course is taught by Dr. Carlos Valdez, a marketing veteran, who thoroughly puts student’s presentation, research, and creativity skills to the test. He states that even” students who are not going to work in marketing and sales, still, they going to get a very good knowledge of how marketing and sales operate inside organizations and how they operate with other areas of the business.” He also discussed the fact that this course promotes “critical thinking, creativity and innovation, sales presentations and research” to stay competitive in industries.

Purple Points are worth getting!

As a IB veteran who has taken Dr. Valdez’s course, I can safely and confidently say that this course was one of the most interesting and involving courses I’ve ever taken. From developing a physical model of a Coffee Shop to using analytical tools, like SimplyAnalytics, to find market niches, this course covers the main aspects of how and where businesses will perform best and the reasons why. If you’re someone who is looking to advance into some marketing field in your future, Dr. Valdez is the person to talk to and this is definitely a course you will find unique and enjoyable.

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