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The Reasons Why UCF’s New Business Program is so Popular

By Paul Petrone

Here’s a few things you won’t see in any class that’s part of the University of Central Florida’s Integrated Business Program, which launched in 2016 –

  • A textbook.
  • A professor lecturing to the whole class for more than 15 minutes.
  • Tests of memorization.
  • Solo assignments with specific instructions.

Here’s what you will see –

  • Online resources, watched before classes, not during.
  • Mandatory attendance, although no credit given for attendance.
  • Students in teams, working together on ambiguous problems.
  • Coursework on topics like sales, presenting and writing strong emails.

In the four years of the Integrated Business Program’s existence, it’s grown in popularity each year. In 2020, it had more than 1,300 students – making it the most popular business major at UCF, the second-largest public university in the US – largely because it has the second-best placement rate of any business major at UCF, only behind accounting.

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