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“Scanning the Horizons: Predictions and Possibilities”

Hello Futurists,

It is my pleasure to formally announce our amazing BCA students who have advanced to the semifinal round for the “Scanning the Horizons: Predictions and Possibilities” event! Please join me in congratulating them!  

o    Jiayi An

o    Samantha Barlow

o    Nicolas Beham

o    Gabrielle Creech

o    Maddy Eder

o    Roldoraveth Facundo

o    Jacqueline Gailey

o    Anacristina Gali

o    Padmavathi Ganduri

o    Argelia Garcia

o    Michael Garcia

o    Ariel Germano

o    Anthony Giuliano

o    Morgan Griffing

o    Brianna Healing

o    Lauren Herndon

o    Courtney Holmes

o    Karina Huerta

o    Nolen Johnson

o    Daniel Kandell

o    Serina Kaufman

o    Sadia Khan

o    Derek Lama

o    Hallie Lange

o    Ryan Lynch

o    Natalia Maray

o    Keri Maurer

o    Jorge Melendez

o    Jeremy Milon

o    Ashlyne Moody

o    Christopher Muriel

o    Paula Ortegon

o    Diego Portocarrero

o    James Powell

o    Samuel Rahman

o    Lane Sheffler

o    Zachary Smith

o    Dulaney Sundin

o    Juan Tapia

o    Andrea Ugarte

o    Derek Yeager

o    Michael Yucht

Semifinalists, your coach should have already connected with you and explained the next steps. Please keep up to date with your Knights mail for communication with them. A Zoom video of your 4-minute presentation is due for final judging on Friday, November 13th @ 12 noon. A submission link for that video will be posted in your BCA section on Webcourses in the next few days. 

Good luck, semifinalists! We’re cheering you on!

Dr. Sharek


IB students