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IB Digital Squad Interview: Colin Crabtree

By Nicolas Beham

Dyverse is a Digital Marketing agency located in Downtown Orlando. The firm specializes in the multifamily industry, creating advertisements and analyzing market trends for clients across the country. We interviewed Colin Crabtree, an Account Manager and the head of the Internship Program at Dyverse. Dyverse regularly looks for UCF College of Business students to hire for their internships, and Mr. Crabtree was kind enough to give us some insight into the hiring process.

When asked about what makes a potential applicant stand out, Mr. Crabtree said an excellent first step has a resume with various experiences. “Our company is called Dyverse, and that idea goes beyond identity. We are looking for a diversity of experiences as well.” This idea lines up perfectly with the holistic nature of the Integrated Business program. Having a solid understanding of multiple business facets can often be more helpful than a narrow focus on just one. Tying into the resume, Mr. Crabtree also noted that a concise and up to date Linkedin profile is necessary. Dyverse may recruit more through career fairs and Knightline, but they check each applicant’s Linkedin and consider it very important.

Dyverse is a staple at UCF networking events, regularly making appearances at the bi-yearly career fair. As students, these events can seem overwhelming; it feels hard to stand out among the hundreds of other potential hiring candidates. Colin recommends standing out by following up with any recruiters that you have met. Sending a message on Linkedin helps confirm your interest and remind the recruiter of your conversation. 

Being the Internship coordinator, Colin was kind enough to share some interview advice from the interviewer’s perspective. He said to focus on properly preparing for the interview. Do the research and come ready with questions to ask about the company and the ability to display some knowledge already as well. It’s easy to get nervous during interviews, but the ability to know when to take a pause and think is a great skill to have.

Thank you again to Colin Crabtree for taking the time to do this interview. I know I appreciate all the advice, and we hope you IB Blog readers could get something out of this article!


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