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What can IB (Spring 2021)

On behalf of Dr. Frank Tamberelli and the IB program, we want to thank our IB Alumni who attend as panelists to the event at the EXCHANGE: What Can IB?

Jini Lee, Marketing and Product Development Specialist (Dixie Plywood & Lumber of Florida)

Taylor Brown, Food Service Representative (PepsiCo)

David Prieto, Financial Professional (Equitable Advisors)

Taylor Blease, Sr Marketing and Communications Coordinator (Dentons)

Phillip Nguyen, Finacial Professional (Lockheed Martin)

Casey Rogers, Senior Geospatial Information Systems (Dignitas Technologies)

Justus Griffith, Digital Strategy (Adobe)

Guillaume de Vauxclairs, Internationa Client Executive (AKUR8)

Connect via LinkedIn with all of them.

Also, we want to thank the 300 students who attend the event via Zoom; it was a sold-out event.

As the panelist shared, the sky is the limit with this degree!

Go IB!!!