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ENT 5946 – Small Business Consulting (SBI)

The UCF College of Business elective course, ENT 5946 – Small Business Consulting (SBI), is a unique opportunity and partnership between the UCF College of Business and the Florida SBDC. SBI offers a practical training ground for students who are given the opportunity to serve as consultants and gain unique experience serving the needs of a local small business enrolled in the program. This course will be offered in Summer 2021 and Fall 2021.

We are also interested in recruiting more Integrated Business students, specifically, to enroll in this course! 

Although ENT 5946 is a graduate-level elective, it is open to undergraduates with a GPA of 3.0 or higher that might benefit from this hands-on introduction to the world of consulting.

To request to take this course, and to request it count towards your restricted elective requirement in the program, please email Dr. Jim Gilkeson, Chair of Integrated Business, at and Dr. Carl Blencke (teacher of the course) at

If you are in another major, please reach out to your program chair or director to inquire about how this course may apply towards your degree program requirements as well, and inquire with Dr. Blencke for enrollment permissions.


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