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KAPM Starts Strong with Fall 2021 Kick-Off

The Knights Association of Project Management (KAPM) hosted their Fall 2021 Kick-off event on September 9, 2021, providing students the ability to attend in-person or virtually via Zoom. To say that the event went well would be a tremendous understatement. KAPM has garnered the attention of students from all over the University, ranging from College of Business, IT, and Engineering and more!

KAPM Kick-off is a bi-annual event that allows current Board Members to showcase what they have planned for the upcoming semester. Kick-off also allows students to gain insights on what KAPM provides and the benefits of joining the organization.

KAPM will provide a lineup of workshops this fall on the following Thursdays at 5pm: 9/16, 9/30, 10/14, 10/28, 11/4, and 11/18 – we’ll host CAPCA, Deloitte, Kennedy Space Center, and more! Future meetings include opportunities to earn additional GEB points for current members as well! Other opportunities such as Exchange talks, PMI Central Florida Chapter events, special projects, study groups, and more will also be shared as they are scheduled! Click here for a list of all upcoming events this semester.

Interested in joining KAPM? The Knights Association of Project Management (KAPM) welcomes UCF undergraduate and graduate students from all majors. New members will have the opportunity to earn FREE merchandise if they apply and electronically pay dues before 9/17. Students interested in joining can apply HERE

If you have any questions about KAPM, please reach out to the KAPM President, Peter Hernandez, at