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IB Faculty Interview: Dr. Sara Willox

Interview conducted by Tomas Daza

Dr. Sara Willox has joined the Integrated Business Department at UCF to design and instruct the new Business Research for Decision Making course. Dr. Willox has been teaching online, face-to-face, and hybrid courses in business, leadership, sustainability, and psychology since 2010. Before joining UCF, she was thrice honored with the “Excellence in Teaching” award given out annually to an outstanding faculty member by Upper Iowa University. In addition to teaching, Dr. Willox has extensive experience in course development, having been contracted by numerous colleges and universities throughout the country to develop and implement courses. Dr. Willox has fifteen years of professional experience in nonprofit management, human resources, operations, and development. She has held Director of Operations and Development, Department Chair, Human Resources Director, and Program Director. Also, Dr. Willox does independent consulting with individuals and companies, including nonprofit and corporate organizations, state government officials, and educational institutions. Dr. Willox’s research interests include the integration of sustainability and technology in business processes and decisions. She is originally from Wisconsin and has traveled extensively throughout North American and Europe for professional and personal growth.……


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