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IB Courses: Tips for Success

Written and Interviewed by Jason Babun

Biggest Tips for Success in IB

As the beginning of the Fall semester settles, IB students start to get into the grove of their courses, course work, teams, and professors. However, both new and veteran IB students beg the question; “What is the best way to succeed in IB?” As an IB veteran myself, I figured it would be best to get opinions from different students to see what they each believed were the biggest strategies for success in IB.

When interviewing some students, it was clear to see that some strategies lined up relatively well with others while other tips were unique but key to success. IB students, like Siobhan Morely and Chi Lai Cheung, said that it’s key in learning to “get over presentation anxiety.” Both talked about how taking the course Applied Business Technologies (ABT) early plays a huge role in overcoming presentation anxiety. The class greatly assist in getting students up and talking nearly each week. Siobhan also stated it’s “key to work on communication skills, as they will go hand in hand with presentations and allow you to be a better part of your team.”

Another fellow IB student, Turner Burwick, stated that you should “make sure you go over all material prior to class, don’t fall behind on any material, and take thorough notes to be prepared.” Turner agreed that note taking, and proper studying habits play an enormous part in succeeding in IB courses. Matthew Smith, a veteran IB student, also touched on the fact that in IB “the more you put in, the more you get out. Be involved and engaged, ask questions, this major gives you tremendous resources to use to your advantage. That’s what makes IB so unique.” As an interviewer, it was interesting to see how each student was able to break down how they approached IB, but there were two distinct tips that showed up on each student’s success list: don’t procrastinate and don’t miss class. Now that is some clear-cut advice!

I was also interested in what professors thought good success tips are, and I believe Dr. Henry Gordon had some of the best that I’ve heard. “Play to your strengths…take risk to develop your skills both as an individual and as a group. This is a low-risk environment, use this as both a learning and growing opportunity.” To me, that’s what IB is. An opportunity for each of us to grow, learn, and prepare ourselves for our future.


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