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IB Internships: Disney Day

Written by Tiara Jimenez

Disney Day at the College

The university of central Florida offers many opportunities on campus to help us grow as IB students. Last Friday, the exchange was offering Disney Day. You could learn more about possible jobs, internships and network with Disney recruiters there. Of course, there was pizza, a speaker and other activities depending on the chosen time slot. 

Many Floridians are so used to being near the parks that we sometimes don’t consider this opportunity as anything special. However, Disney is a world renowned company with a positive brand that can open doors for you in the future. I can personally attest to this since I was part of the Disney College Program. I can say that it comes up as a positive conversation topic in every one of my interviews. I am fairly certain that if it wasn’t for that internship (and cat shelter volunteer experience) I wouldn’t have the job that I have today.

On Friday, I went to the UCF EXCHANGE to learn more about the Disney professional internships during their 3:00 pm topic which was: “Disney Day at the College- Internships & Accounting Rotations Programs”. We had the opportunity to interact with Disney recruiters. During this networking event they expressed a high interest in hiring interns that want to focus on finance and accounting. In other words, if you want to develop your finance skills as an IB student this is your time to apply on KNIGHTLINE, regardless of whether you were at the event or not. Good Luck!


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