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IB Alumni Networking Event

Written by: Shelly Singh

The First IB Alumni Networking Event was such a Success!

With more than 55 Integrated Business Graduates in attendance, the IB faculty was able to speak to previous students about their current success and the role IB played in their professional careers.

Graduates from 2017 up to the most recent class of Spring of 2019 were not only able to reconnect with IB faculty but they were also able to speak with other alum and grow their professional network. According to Dr. Christopher Leo (Lead Faculty and event facilitator), this event was very well received by the Alumni and we were able to gather great feedback about the program.

The Alumni praised the Integrated Business program for its focus on developing soft skills and the flipped classroom approach. They were able to gain experience in productive working relationships, leadership skills, and project management techniques before actually entering the workforce. The foundation IB laid for meeting soft skills to hard skills ultimately set them apart from the competition.

The Integrated Business department takes pride in the success of this event. Functions like these geared toward Alumni are very uncommon and rare, therefore, the IB Faculty believe the turnout is a testament to the strong culture this department has built. Because of the great success, this event will be held on a reoccurring basis and both the IB faculty and Alumni are looking forward to the next one!