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IB Courses: ABC….ABT?

Written and Interviewed by Jason Babun

Behind what’s Applied in ABT

ABT, Applied Business Technologies, sounds like some villainous course concocted by an superior technologically intelligent being with a prestigious background. Well, the prestige behind the individual is correct but, this course isn’t meant to scare you. To me, it is one of the most important courses in the Integrated Business major, and the course’s creator, Professor Christopher Leo, truly understands its importance for the future of IB students.

When asked why he believes ABT is important, he emphasized the idea of “the cost of technology leveling the playing field” within the business world. “It doesn’t solve everything but, it allows for streamlined processes and effectiveness.” Professor Leo went on to also note that technology by itself is not what is game changing, its how it is applied to the appropriate area for maximized effectiveness. That’s what this course does. It puts technology and resources in student’s hands, allowing them to analyze, define, and present key points in a unique and critical way, combining both hard and soft skills (which is key in the business world).

As a current ABT student, I wanted to ask for some tips and be able to share that with those moving forward into the program in general. Regarding ABT, Professor Leo targeted two main frameworks of success; 1) being a master of time management and 2) adaptation. This course, and major, require that of meeting in groups, working outside of class, and other unique work environments to meet deadlines and present deliverables well. Time management plays a key role in this regarding scheduling and timing and adaptation is key in making the best of opportunities and situations. Focusing and mastering these traits will surely give you the competitive advantage you need to succeed in IB!


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