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What It Is and Why You Should Join

Written by Cara Olivo

First things first, what is KAPM? It is a student organization with the College of Business here at UCF for students interested in project management. It stands for the Knights Association of Project Management. Appealing, right? If you just said yes in your head, then keep reading!

The association is all about preparing students for careers in project management (very lucrative field) by providing experience, learning opportunities, and professional networking. They participate in events in and outside of campus such as guest speaker events, training and development sessions, and the chance to assist in projects with other student organizations at UCF.

While participating in a fun organization that looks good on a resume and could potentially land you a job, KAPM helps you build your knowledge toward your PMP certification and perfect skills necessary for any career you are looking for once we graduate. A project manager is said to make an average of 75K a year with the potential to grow!

KAPM’s lead faculty member is Professor Ghada Baz. If you have any questions or would like to join, she is the person to contact! Take advantage of all the great resources and organizations UCF has to offer and join KAPM today!