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Faculty Project Spotlight

What Can IB?

Written by Rachel Meng

This semester, the event What Can IB? took place last Wednesday on October 9th. Dr. Frank Tamberelli, aka Dr. T, is whom we should thank for organizing this networking event that awarded us 15 GEB points! He is a lead faculty member who is responsible for Small Business Finances and Small Business Development. He is also a US Marines vet, has an impressive professional background, and is full of insight to share with students. Find out more information about Dr. T in this week’s faculty spotlight.

What Can IB? began in the fall semester of 2018. It was created to inform IB students of the wide array of employment opportunities that this major can successfully prepare them for and to learn first-hand from recent graduates about their experiences in “getting to the one,” including job offers. The program is designed to increase IB students’ level of awareness of how much they have been empowered to win jobs in all company sizes and industries. Dr. T posts a request for volunteers each semester on the IB LinkedIn page and blog searching for IB alumni talents. He contacts and invites them personally.

Dr. T’s advice – “Take advantage of co-curricular events like What Can IB? so that [students] can better familiarize themselves in understanding why the IB degree is both versatile and valuable.”

Thank you Dr. T, for coordinating this event to showcase the variety of opportunities for IB students!
Go IB!


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