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IB Alumni: Post-What Can IB?

Written By Shelly Signh

Post-What Can IB? Event

Another successful “What Can IB?” Event was hosted by Dr. Frank Tamberelli on Wednesday October 9th 2019.

With more than 60 Integrated Business students in the exchange, the hand selected panel was greeted with curiosity and questions! The Fall 2019 panel of outstanding IB graduates included;

  • John Klosner – CEO of PickJohn
  • Tyler Specht – CEO of Squid Crate LLC
  • Hope Mann – Account Manager at Apex Systems
  • Loida Caraballo – Manager at Lazen Power Engineering

Students were able to engage in conversation with individuals who have used their Integrated Business degree to its fullest advantage. Utilizing ideologies, techniques, and skills that are taught and built upon within each IB course. Each Alum was able to speak in depth about specific useful tools IB taught that allowed them to excel professionally.

Students were also able to gain insight as to potential career fields that an Integrated Business degree can open the doors to. From owning and operating your own company, to managing elite engineering offices, the question often asked, “What can I do with an Integrated Business degree?” was answered and showcased during this Q&A.

With the endless opportunities this degree provides, maybe a more appropriate question would be “What can’t I do with an IB degree?”.

“The only thing you can’t do with this degree is brain surgery.”  – Dr. Frank Tamberelli

I’d like to take a moment to extend a huge thank you to the Alumni that participated in this event. Your stories are truly empowering, thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedules to inspire our students!

Interested in sitting on our IB Alumni Panel next semester? Email for more information!