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IB Internships: Exchange Opportunities


Written by Tiara Jimenez

We just started the month of November and the Exchange started strong! This week will be full of events that can help students at the College of Business grow and help them land the job or internship that they desire. Starting today we are going to have Giovanna Gorra, the regional talent acquisition from Marriott Vacation Worldwide, and other guests on campus this week. These events can provide insight into the perspective of a recruiter, which will give you an advantage when starting your career.

Even though you may not be interested in the company or the positions that are vacant at this time, attending this section can help you get an internship somewhere else by applying the concepts you learn. And, who knows? Maybe by the end of it, you might be interested in what they have to offer. Don’t hesitate and get your COBA pass for the events you can attend to this week. You’ll be surprised by what you might learn.


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