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IB Digital Squad

New Additions

We have expanded our IB Digital Squad to bring you the best content yet! I asked our newcomers a few questions to get to know them and why they would be a great addition.

Meet the newest members of our team!

Sheril Lalani

My favorite thing about IB is definitely the presentations. I have always had stage fright and improving my presentation skills and overcoming said stage fright has really given me a lot of confidence and given me an extremely useful skill.

I wanted to join the Digital Squad because I loved writing articles when I was writing for the newspaper in high school. I enjoyed the interview process because it allowed me to get to know a lot of people and hear their thoughts on various subjects. Specifically for the digital squad, I hope to be able to improve my social media skills. I’m not extremely active on social media but it is an exceedingly important part of the business world.

In my free time, I usually play video games or watch Netflix.

William Pavlovich

SanDiego (1)

My favorite thing about IB is the flipped classroom environment. I love the fact that IB classes do their best to recreate real-world situations. IB classes give us the best representation of what life after school will be. Whether it’s presenting to a large group or working with a team, good or bad, I feel that IB truly is preparing us for real-life situations.

Honestly, I wanted to join the Digital Squad to help people better understand what IB is. It used to bother me when I would tell people, “I’m going to school for integrated business” and would get blank stares back. Now, I’m excited to explain what IB is and how it is helping me. I also enjoy writing and be able to research different aspects of something. The digital squad gave me an opportunity to write to inform students and the community about what integrated business is all about. In the process, I hope I will be able to shed light on how valuable the skills are that we learn to use every day, even if we don’t know we are learning them.
In my free time, I love to spend time with my daughter and my family, hands down. She is the light of my life, even when she’s a terror. I’m either watching movies or TV shows or cooking when I’m not running around with her. I like trying new recipes and experimenting. I find it fun to be creative with food or attempt to be at least. It doesn’t always work out. Any free time I have I do my best just to relax because I know you need to take time to enjoy the moments you don’t have a million things going on.