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IB Almuni: Success Spotlight Questionnaire

Written by Shelly Singh


Spotlight Questionnaire

Special thanks to today’s feature on the IB Spotlight, Daniel Daniello!

As a Sales Representative at Eli Lilly and Company, Daniel was able to offer insight to current IB students about an exciting role that integrates tactics and skills taught in IB to the health and sciences field.

When pursuing your undergrad, why did you decide on the Integrated Business major?

I wanted a cumulative understanding of the business world and how I can best harness my abilities in order to succeed and start my career. I was keen on understanding the functionality of running and operating a business, as well as every aspect needed to succeed in a corporate setting.

How did you land the role you currently hold?

I landed an internship through the college of business with this company. I stood out as a top performer throughout my 10-week internship and was shortly offered a full-time job for post-graduation.

How do you think the IB program aided in your success?

The Integrated Business program helped me reach my full potential in college. It gave me the necessary skills and training to be able to excel in any role. Thanks to this program I am well versed to work in every department of any company. Especially through presentations, public speaking, and critical thinking.

Are there any specific classes that offered knowledge that better prepared you for your role?

Integrated Marketing and Sales with Dr. Creque was the most helpful class I took. This class prepared me for specific sales scenarios as well as creating organizational plans for new and existing businesses.

Any piece of advice you would offer to upcoming IB graduates who are asking the question “what can this degree get me?”?

This degree can get you as far as you want. You get as much out of this program as you put in. It is easy to sit back and just be present, however by utilizing the resources and opportunities this program provides will get you to your destination. My best advice would be to get to know every one of your classmates and network with them. They will be advocates of your skills and leadership, both now and in the future.