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IB Students: Excellence Awards

Written by Tiara Jimenez

As Integrated Business students, we have the opportunity to meet incredible individuals with qualities that deserve to be acknowledged and rewarded. If you have been working directly with someone during one of your IB classes who deserves to be rewarded for their extraordinary performance, nominate them for an Integrated Business Excellence Award. This can increase the overall morale in the IB department. Anyone would feel valued after receiving the news of being nominated for this award. Even if the person doesn’t win, they will know that their hard work was not in vain and that their excellent qualities are being appreciated. It will foster that behavior and encourage them to make excellence a habit. Don’t hesitate to take a look at the different categories that you can nominate your peers for. 

If you decide to nominate an IB student, make sure to do so before 11:59pm on Friday, November 30th. To vote, access the IB Excellence Award Nomination Form. There is an additional perk for some students. You can earn 5 GEB points for completing the survey. The GEB course enrollment is being tracked to ensure you earn those points. You can give a gift that gifts you!


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