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IB Digital Squad: Thanksgiving Edition

Written by Cara Olivo

As classes come to an end, final exams and presentations linger our mind and create stress. Anticipation of the final week of the fall semester is upon us,  and as we study and take our final steps leading us toward graduation, it is important to remind ourselves what we are thankful for. As Thanksgiving approaches, I wanted to share with all of my fellow IB students what the IB Digital Squad’s favorite part about Thanksgiving, what they are thankful for, and a few words of advice.

I would like to start with the esteemed Dr. Carlos Valdez, the Integrated Marketing and Sales Professor and the Lead Faculty member for the IB Digital Squad:

What is your favorite part about Thanksgiving? 

The moment when in the family we make a conscious  stop from our daily lives to reflect on what and why we are thankful.

What are you most thankful for here at UCF College of Business?

Many things, first is great research university to work for, always trying to improve.Also I am thankful to be part of the Integrated Business Program, is a very different academic department with very  good friends and colleagues, very engaging and always trying to inspire and be relevant to our students. And last but not least our IB students and IB alumni, very engaged individuals with their education, hopes and dream, and is an honor and privilege to help them in their journeys to accomplish their goals.

Since we are in the season of giving, what is one piece of advice you would like to share with IB students?

Have a plan for your professional and personal life, what you want to accomplish, when and why? Always have a plan with clear goals that you can always revisit it, this will help you to always move forward in the right direction.

Next up, I would like to share our Blog Manager, Jason Babun’s thoughts:

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is that of all the different foods my friends, family, and I get to feast on. Plus, as a college student, it’s nice to bring home a ton of leftovers!I am most thankful for the professors, faculty, and staff of not only the College of Business but those in the Department of Integrated Business as well. Without their guidance and assistance, I would not be where I am today.One piece of advice I would like to share with IB students is be kind to those around you. You never know what people are going through/have gone through and showing kindness to an individual can actually make their day better.

Shelly Singh, one of our amazing Content Creators for the blog also had a few wise words to share:

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is my family! I enjoy being surrounded by all my nieces and nephews, parents, and siblings. We always have a great time when we’re together. I am the most thankful for our Integrated Business faculty. I truly feel like I am apart of such an important community because of their tireless dedication and commitment to the IB students. I think the most important advice I could give as a student myself is just to be patient with yourself. Do your best, apply yourself, and great things will come in time.

Our newest IBDS member Jonathan Garcia, who creates infographics for the blog, gave an interesting take on his thoughts of Thanksgiving and words of advice:

When it comes down to Thanksgiving, my favorite part about it is when I get to put the books and laptop down for a couple of days to head home and enjoy some time with my family. Of course, the food is also up there as one of my favorite parts.I am very thankful for the overall experience and connections I have made here at the College of Business. Especially thankful for the faculty who have been very helpful with my journey these past two years at UCF.One thing I wish I could have done more was to get involved earlier. The advice I would give to IB students is to try to join some type of organization on campus and get involved as much as possible. Doing this can present you with many opportunities and you never know who you’ll meet.

Sheril Lalani, content creator for the blog was excited to share her response to Thanksgiving and giving back:

My favorite part about thanksgiving is definitely the food!I am most thankful for the IB program and all the skills I have been able to develop in it.One piece of advice I would share with IB students is go to OPD! There is an abundance of information and resources that will help you make the most of your experience in the program.

Next, Tiara Jimenez, another member of the content creators for IBDS, gives her take:

Thanksgiving is my favorite holiday. I enjoy waking up and cooking a meal for my friends. Then I get to spend time with them while eating and doing some Black Friday Shopping online. This will probably be topped off with watching Bob’s Burgers Thanksgiving specials. In the College of Business, I am thankful for the growth that I had as a professional in such a small amount of time. Some words of advice would be to keep focused, don’t lose track of your assignments and be a valuable team member. Leadership and teamwork are skills that are essential as a business professional. No other major in the college of business nurtures those traits as well as Integrated Business does.  

Last but not least, I, Cara Olivo, would like to share my thoughts with the rest of the IB students:

My favorite part about Thanksgiving is getting to see all of my family and reminding myself of all the blessings in my life. Of course, pumpkin pie is a plus. What I am most thankful for here at the College of Business is all the guidance and support you get from each and every faculty member. Not everyone is blessed with such amazing professors that will give you their phone number and be excited when you text or call them with a question. One piece of advice I would give to IB students is to get involved! There are so many clubs and organizations that can grant you so many opportunities and chances to make friends along the way. Apply yourself each and every day and you’ll be surprised with what you are capable of accomplishing.

Charge On Knights and Happy Thanksgiving!