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IB Students: Knightline

Written by Tiara Jimenez

Knightline 101

If you’ve been following along with the IB Knights digital blog, you may have seen Knightline mentioned. We aren’t talking about Knightline the UCF call center or the fan sports network. Knightline is a tool for UCF Business students to get to the one.

Knightline was an initiative started by Dean Jarley exclusively for UCF business students and employers. If you are on the hunt for an internship, this is the place for you. It’s a free service for all UCF College of Business students. The first thing you should do after creating an account is to setup your profile. You’ll want to also make sure that you have a current resume to upload. If you want to show up in employers’ searches (and you do), make sure that you check that. Otherwise, an employer may just pass you by and pick another promising student.

Once you have your profile setup, you should search for the type of position you want. If you’re not sure what type of position you may want to apply for, try scheduling an appointment with personnel from the Office of Professional Development, especially an employer relations team member (info available here). You’ll want to think about whether you have the time with classes to have a full-time job versus something part-time or an internship.

Once you have everything filtered start applying! And, don’t lose heart. It can be an uphill battle sometimes, but you’ll make it eventually. Charge on!

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